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The farm | Aliens


Some say they don't exist, Shaun proves otherwise. They look a lot like people in how they do, and they look a lot friendlier than many movies want to makes us think.

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An Extra-Terrestrial crash-lands his flying saucer in the sheep’s field in The visitor.  The sheep treat him like any other species, helping him return home. In Shaun Encounters, we meet his pesky joy-riding off-spring and his wife.

 | Shaun the Sheep | Alien kids sticking their tongue out | The farm | Aliens

Alien off-spring

The pesky joy-riding off-spring from the Alien.

 | Shaun the Sheep | Alien mom and dad | The farm | Aliens

Alien wife

The wive of the Alien.

 | Shaun the Sheep | Aliens talking to eachother | The farm | Aliens

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