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The farm | Animals


Offcourse there are many more animals on the farm. They don't all play big parts, but they're sure important...

 | Shaun the Sheep | The cockerel shouting his wake-up call | The farm | Animals

The cockerel

Appears at the start of every episode to herald the new day.

 | Shaun the Sheep | The hen with chicks | The farm | Animals

The mother hen

And her annoyingly chirpy Chicks appear in Who’s The Mummy.  

 | Shaun the Sheep | A duck and his wife | The farm | Animals

The duck

Appears in several episodes, including Off The Baa and Bath Time, and often suffers collateral damage as a result of Shaun’s exploits. As seen in Bitzer Puts His Foot In It, he has several other duck friends.

 | Shaun the Sheep | mower mouth eating Bitzer´s blocknote and pencil | The farm | Animals

Mower mouth

The goat is an unstoppable eating machine – while not an unfriendly character, all his considerable energy is focused on his next meal.

 | Shaun the Sheep | Angry bull | The farm | Animals

The bull

Is a short-tempered belligerent powerhouse, who is all too ready to see red at Shaun’s antics. He appears in The Bull and Heavy Metal Shaun.

 | Shaun the Sheep | mole | The farm | Animals

The mole

Is a rude and annoying pest who appears in Mountains Out Of Molehills.  He is fearless when mocking Shaun, but not so brave when his Mother Mole turns up.

 | Shaun the Sheep | mother mole | The farm | Animals

Mother mole

Appears in Mountains Out Of Molehills to get her son out of the pasture on the farm, because he ruined it completely.

 | Shaun the Sheep | She-Bitzer | The farm | Animals


Is a female dog belonging to some campers who pitch their tent next to the sheep’s field in Fetching.  After a brief courtship, she and Bitzer are cruelly separated.

 | Shaun the Sheep | Cat in the window | The farm | Animals


Is the Farmer’s Cat, an idle and selfish lout who can be remarkably quick and vicious when he wants to be.  Doesn’t like sheep.  Appears in Timmy In A Tizzy.

 | Shaun the Sheep | The frog | The farm | Animals

The frog

Lives in the scarecrow´s hat in Take Away and Shaun uses him as payment in the pizzeria.

 | Shaun the Sheep | Birds jumping to escape a frisbee | The farm | Animals


They never play a big role, but sometimes you can spot them doing cute things like ducking a frisbee in Fetching.

 | Shaun the Sheep | Shaun with a worm below ground | The farm | Animals

The worm

Played a small part in The Kite. Got in front of he camera when Shaun got stuck in the ground with his head.

 | Shaun the Sheep | Timmy and a ladybug | The farm | Animals

The ladybug

He didn´t draw much attention on screen, but he surely got the attention of Timmy in that shot.

 | Shaun the Sheep | Shaun with a bee on his nose | The farm | Animals

The bees

They are small and hard to see, but Shaun got one! When the bee got his brothers and sisters to join the fight, the flock was in deep trouble in Buzz Of Bees...

 | Shaun the Sheep | pig with mouse | The farm | Animals

The mouse

Used by the pigs to scare the sheep in Things That Go Bump. The mouse moved around in a gauntlet thus creating a big scare!

 | Shaun the Sheep | The hen with chicks | The farm | Animals

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