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The farm | Humans


They don't all play big parts, but still we often see people on the farm, or when the sheep go on adventure in the city.

 | Shaun the Sheep | pizza delivery boy | The farm | Humans

Pizza delivery boy

A gormless teenager who rides a moped and works in the local pizzeria. Has also been seen moonlighting as a postman in Saturday Night Shaun.

 | Shaun the Sheep | The farmer´s niece | The farm | Humans

The farmer´s niece

A sweet little cherub whose over-enthusiastic love of animals spells trouble for Shaun.

 | Shaun the Sheep | The Ramblers couple | The farm | Humans

The Ramblers

A liberal, nature-loving couple who appear in Shaun Shoots The Sheep. Ms Rambler also encounters Shaun on the street in Take Away.

 | Shaun the Sheep | A sleepy camper | The farm | Humans

The camper

A yobbish litterbug who sets up his tent in the sheep’s field in Camping Chaos.

 | Shaun the Sheep | Old lady in the bus | The farm | Humans

Old woman

An old woman who hits Shaun with her handbag after he drops her candy in the bus in Take Away.

 | Shaun the Sheep | People waiting in the pizzeria | The farm | Humans

Pizzeria costumers

They await their pizza´s in Take Away. As Shaun enters they run away, scared of his looks.

 | Shaun the Sheep | Standowner on fair | The farm | Humans

Standowner on fair

He ownes the stand on the fair in Sheep On The Loose, where the sheep were throwing balls at tin cans.

 | Shaun the Sheep | Scarecrow | The farm | Humans

The scarecrow

Not a human character, more of a handy prop which Shaun makes use of in Take Away and Things That Go Bump.

 | Shaun the Sheep | Shaun dressed up as scarecrow with old woman in bus | The farm | Humans

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